You can feel like you are in Japan if you decorate NOREN

As mentioned earlier in "NEWS", NOREN is a cloth item that can be displayed at the entrance of a store.

If it is displayed, it means "OPEN", and if it is cleaned up, "CLOSED" It also played a role as a sign of meaning.


Nowadays, it is often used as a decorative item not only at the entrance of shops but also in general homes.

Of course it is fashionable to decorate NOREN on the wall like paintings and tapestry, but we recommend to decorate it at the entrance of your room. You get in and out of your room as if you were going in and out of a Japanese restaurant. You can feel fresh as if your room was a shop.

Since the presence of NOREN plays a role of blinding, it may be good to leave the door open so that the air is not trapped in the room.

Please try out NOREN that makes you feel as if you are in Japan while you are at your own home.

Noren at japanese restaurant