Yukata(浴衣, ゆかた)

What is Yukata?

Yukata is a Japanese traditional garment. It is like a simplified kimono or casual kimono. It is a popular garment for Japanese to wear for joining festivals and bon-dance and watching fireworks.

Yukata is also used at ryokan (Japanese style hotel) and hot spring for a relaxing wear.

What is Yukata?

History of Yukata

Yukata was originally said that it was a unlined kimono worn by a noble lady when she bathes. Then it was widespread when people started wearing colorful Yukata when they joined bon-odori or bon-dance (Japanese traditional dancing) events which became popular in the beginning of edo era.

Because of this comfortable style, it became popular as a "casual kimono" and even now it is used as indoor wear at Japanese-Inn of Onsen (hot spring).

In modern times when Japanese people became to wear a western style clothing, there are many people who dress up with Yukata to go to summer festival, bon-dancing or fireworks festival.

In addition, it's easier to wear Yukata than regular kimono, so it started to catch attention of young generations again


How to wear Yukata

Yukata is much easier to wear than kimono.

Kimono usually requires a professional help to wear. Yukata, on the other hand, is easy to wear once you learn how to wear it.

And, nowadays, there is a convenient obi (belt) which you put on a yukata and wrap the cloth around the waistline easily. Therefore, if you learn how to wear yukata, you can do so by yourself.

Here, YUKATA-JAPAN, there is a page explaining how to wear yukata for women and men with pictures. By reading this page, you will be able to wear yukata by yourself.


How to choose size

Even though there are several sizes for yukata, especially for men, you do not worry about size too much.

Yukata is very flexible in terms of size.

Yukata structure is like a robe, loose-fitting which you can adjust waist size.

Yukata, also, is loose-fitting. You can adjust waist size. Therefore, as long as yakata can wrap your waist, you can wear it.

One thing you have to be careful is that length of obi (belt). Even though yukata wrap your body, if obi is too short to wrap your waist, you can not wear yukata.

Therefore, when you purchase yukata, you have to check if a obi can wrap your waist.

For yukata length, depending on your height, yukata can be short or long. However, unless it is too short which you look like a wearing shorts or too long which you walk with your yukata trailing, it should be O.K.

For women's yukata, people adjust yukata length by holding. Therefore, you can wear yukata with your favorite length.

For details, please look at How to wear Yukata for women. You can see how to fold yukata for adjusting its length.


Where to buy

Even though yukata is a popular wear for Japanese, it may be difficult for you to find stores selling yukata, especially non-summer periods.

You can sometime find yukata at souvenir shops or discounted stores. However, please be careful that some of these shops sell non-authentic yukata.

There are also many stores selling yukata online. Again, please be careful that it may be difficult to identify if those stores sell authentic items or not.

We strongly recommend you to go to shops selling authentic yukata. During summer, you may be able to find authentic yukata at department stores.

If you are interested in purchase yukata online, please check our collections. Our products are from a Japanese manufacturing company with over 70 years of experiences in Japanese traditional apparel and accessories.

And, because we have networks to the manufacturing company, we can provide products at competitive price for quality. 

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Try Yukata!

If you have a plan to visit Japan, you can try to wear yukata.

In Kyoto, you can find many stores renting yukata.

You can enjoy exploring Kyoto with wearing yukata (or kimono).

Yukata rental

If you stay at ryokan, Japanese style hotel, or visit hot spring, you may have a chance to wear yukata. Yukata at ryokan or hot spring  is more casual and relax style. It is not yukata which you can wear for festival, bon-dance, or fireworks. However, you can feel how yukata looks like.


What to need to purchase for Yukata style

In order to dress up Yukata, you need some accessories, such as obi, setta, and kinchaku.

Obi (belt)

When you wear Yukata, you need obi to wrap it. Obi designs is different for women and men. Men's obi is much more simple than women's obi which have a Musubi (ribon) on back.


Setta (sandal)

When you wear Yukata, you do not put on sneakers. Usually, we put on Setta, Japanese sandal, like geta.

Setta has straps which you can coordinate color with your yukata.



If you wear Yukata and put Setta on, it looks good. However, if you dress up better than that, get Kinchaku.

Kinchaku is a Japanese design pochette. Since it uses the traditional Japanese design, Kinchaku fits good in Yukata.

If you wear Yukata, put Setta on, and have Kinchaku, it is the perfect Yukata style.

If you want to get all items at once, please check our Yukata style collections. Our buyers select the best coordinate of Yukata, Obi, Setta, and Kinchaku.

With this collection, you are ready to join festival, go bon-dance, and watch fireworks!