Decorate your room with Noren, traditional Japanese shop curtain

We have added 5 desings of Noren on our site.

Noren (shop curtain) was born as a cloth to be kept at the entrance of the shop with the busines name and the shop name described. Having Noren at the entrance means that the shop is open.

Nowadays, Noren is used as partitions and decorations of rooms in the room, and it is familiar to general homes as items that seem like Japan.

You can decorate your room with our Noren.

We have 3 designs of Ukiyoe (浮世絵), including Mt. Fuji design.

Also, we have Noren featuring Kyoto, Maiko (舞妓, apprentice geisha) and Kinkakuji (temple of the Golden Pavilion).

Check our Noren!