How to wear a yukata(for men)

Slip both arms into the sleeves of Yukata. Align the center back seam with your backbone.

Bring one of the overlaps to the hip bone on the other side.
Start with the right-side overlap;

then layer the left-side overlap over the right-side overlap.

Tie a waist cord around the waist holding Yukata in shape.
*For men, the waist cord should be wrapped around the lower waist.

Bring the both ends of the waist cord from the front to the back;
then cross and bring them back to the front to tie a knot.
Tuck away the loose ends between the wrapped waist cord so that the ends will not protrude later.
※You can wrap and tie the waist cord in any way you wish, unless it securely fix the Yukata; the waist cord will be covered when finished.

◆How to tie an obi (using the obi sold on this website)

Start wrapping from the end without a knot making sure the tip of the knot attached to the other end is positioned upward.

Wrap and layer the obi neatly so that it will not get loose.

Tuck the tip of the knot inside the wrapped obi and fix with Velcro.

Turn the obi and place the knot on the back.
*When you adjust the obi, carefully turn the whole of it in a clockwise direction to avoid disarray.

For men, the knot on the back should be positioned on the waistline while the obi at the front should be positioned lower to look cool.
So, slightly pull down the obi at the front center when finished.

It's done!


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