How to wear a yukata(for women)

Slip both arms into the sleeves of Yukata.
Adjust the hemline to cover the ankles while aligning the center back seam with your backbone.

Bring one of the overlaps to the hip bone on the other side.
Start with the right-side overlap;

then layer the left-side overlap over the right-side overlap.
Aligning the hemline with the ankles.

Tie a waist cord around the waist, holding Yukata in shape.
*For women, tie the waist cord around the trunk above the waistline.

The waist cord is usually wrapped around the waist from the front to the back, crossed, and brought back to the front to be tied.
However, you can wrap and tie the waist cord in any way you choose, unless it securely fix the Yukata;
the waist cord will be covered when finished.

Tuck away the loose ends between the wrapped waist cord so that the ends will not protrude later.

Neatly place the extra-folded overlap over the wrapped waist cord.

Pull down and arrange the extra overlap nicely all around your waist.

It is perfect when the extra overlap is aligned neatly, covering the waist cord, as shown in the picture.

To add elegance, pull down the back of Yukata to create a small space in the back of the collar.
*Making a wide opening may be considered to be disheveled; just a brief space is enough to add elegance.

◆How to tie an obi (using the obi sold on this website)

Wrap the obi around the waist from the back to the front at a position slightly above than the hip bones, ensuring that the strings are on the upper side of the obi.

Make sure the obi is placed at the right position and neatly layered so that it will not become loose.

After wrapping the obi, tie the strings attached to both ends and make a knot like a bow at the center front. The position of the knot does not matter unless the strings are tied tightly, because the knot will eventually be covered by the obi. *Do not make the knot too tight as you may not be able to untie it later.

Tuck the knot between the obi and Yukata.
Straighten the obi and place its end on the back.
※When you adjust the obi, carefully turn the whole of it in a clockwise direction to avoid disarray.

Finally, place the bow on the obi.
Insert the attached U-wire between the obi and Yukata on the back.
Fix the bow by tying the strings at the center front. Tuck away the knot and the loose ends into the obi.

It's done!


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