A festival season is coming!

Kanda festival

Kanda Festival

This weekend, the Kanda Festival, one of the three major Edo festivals, will be held.

The highlight of the Kanda Festival is the number of portable shrines.

It can be said that only Kanda Festival has more than 200 portable shrines.

Portable shrines go through the town in Tokyo toward Kanda-Myojin from various areas such as Kanda, Akihabara, Nihonbashi, Suitengumae, and Ningyo-cho.

Portable shrines are held by people from each community in these areas from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM on Sunday, 12th of May.

Those who will be around these areas, why do you feel this brave Japanese traditional events.


Kanda Festival Site


Carrying a portable shrine

When carrying a portable shrine, you wear a HANTEN.

There are many festivals where the rules are strict.

You can not even get close to a portable shrine if you don't wear a determined HANTEN or festival costume.

Watching a portable shrine

Tourists can not feel free to carry the portable shrine, but of course they are free to enjoy watching a portable shrine and the festival.

When you enjoy the festival, if you wear at least one item suitable for the festival, you will definitely feel better!

Why not try wearing a KOIKUCHI-shirt or put on a HANTEN and go out for festival sights?

Hanten with 祭 (Festival in Japanese)


Koikuchi shirt

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Enjoying festivals in Japan

Various festivals will be held not only in Tokyo but also throughout Japan from now on to fall.

If you are coming to Japan from now on, please check YUKATA-JAPAN site and get ready to enjoy festival with traditional festival clothes!