Let's go to Asakusa this weekend! Sanja Festival in Asakusa.

Sanja Festival

Following the Kanda Festival last weekend, the Sanja Festival will be held in Asakusa from 5/17 (Fri) to 19 (Sun) this weekend.

The Sanja Festival is a festival that centers on the 44 children's association of Asakusa Shrine.

It is one of the representative festivals in Japan where 1.8 million people gather in three days.

Sanja Festival in Asakusa

Downtown Asakusa

It is said that downtown Asakusa will be the most lively in a year, and it is also a popular feature representing Tokyo's early summer, so if you come to Tokyo this weekend, please come and visit Asakusa.

Portable shrine march

The highlight is, by any means, a powerful portable shrine march.

The people who love festivals will enliven portable shrine march, so that there may be a fight in keeping pole of portable shrine.

Sanja Festival Official site


Watching a portable shrine/Enjoying festivals

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