How to choose the best Yukata size

Yukata size

Which size of Yukata should I choose?

There are many questions about size of yukata, such as how to choose the best size for 170cm tall men, or can I, 165cm, fit Women's yukata, etc..

We have Size chart for our products, but please take a look at the following information.


Yukata size

For most of our Yukata products, there are 2 sizes for men and 1 size for women.

You may think that size options are very limited.

Well, you don't have to worry about size so much.

Yukata can fit many people.


Yukata waist size

Yukata structure is similar to robe.

Robe is loose-fitting which you can adjust waist size.

This is the same for Yukata.


Waist size of yukata is ajustable.

In fact, our Men's yukata can fit up to 105 cm waist size.

And, our Women's yukata can also fit up to 105 cm waist size.


Yukata length

How about length?

Well, you don't have to worry about it unless you are very tall or very short.

Our Men's yukata can fit from 165cm tall to 185cm tall.

Our Women's yukata can fit from 150cm tall to 180cm tall.

For Women's yukata, we have only 1 size, but it can fit from 150cm to 180cm tall.

This is because you usually adjust length around your waist by folding when you wear women's yukata.


How to wear Yukata

For details, please check our content showing how to wear Yukata.

We show how to wear Yukata with images.

You can get better understanding of yukata structure and sizing.


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