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Cobra's view of the world expressed with courage and commitment to being unconventional.

Cobra collection


COBRA is a timeless masterpiece that marks its name in Japanese manga history.

Stylish and fascinating characters, not fade away even after 40 years since the start of serialization, are expressed with bold arrangement on Ukiyoe and Kutani-yaki.



Ukiyoe is not a "Ukiyoe style illustration" but a full-fledged "Ukiyoe woodblock print" based on traditional Ukiyoe style.

Cobra Ukiyoe

These art works, created from the understanding and respect for traditional Japanese beauty of the author, Mr. Buichi Terasawa, are collector's items that are suitable for the masterpiece "COBRA" with many fans inside and outside of Japan.



Kutani-yaki saucer and sake cup as well as platter are available with the motif of Cobra characters.

Cobra Kutaniyaki 

The hand-painted atmosphere is cherished, the design that feels softness and warmth is comfortable. It can be enjoyed as an ornamental for a long time in love.


Cobra collection

All are collector's items which you can not find everywhere.

Check these Cobra items and add to your Cobra collection.