Let's enjoy the Japanese summer feature, fireworks display!

Summer-like climate

Although it is still May, the climate here in Japan is like a summer. We have many hot days recently.

And when it gets hot, we start thinking to see fireworks, the Japanese summer feature.



Fireworks are a summer night game that Japanese people have been familiar with since childhood, and are so common that they can be sold at convenience stores in summer.

Hand-held fireworks which we do in parks have taste, but the grandeur of fireworks seen in fireworks display is exceptional.


Fireworks event in Japan

Fireworks events will be held all over Japan in summer.

If you visit Japan during summer, we strongly recommend you to join fireworks events which are popular not only for local Japanese but also tourists from all over the world nowadays.

Please check out the information on fireworks events below and find out if there are any fireworks events during your stay in Japan.

Here are popular fireworks events by area (as of May 25th):

Tokyo/Kanto area

  • Tokyo
    • Adachi Fireworks: 2019/7/20
    • Katsushika Fireworks: 2019/7/23
    • Sumida River Fireworks: 2019/7/29
    • Itabashi Fireworks: 2019/8/3
    • Edogawa-ku Fireworks: 2019/8/3
  • Kanagawa
    • Kamakura Fireworks: 2019/7/10
    • Atsugi Fireworks: 2019/8/3
    • Kanazawa Fireworks: 2019/8/24
  • Other areas
    • Festival Walk Dreams 2019 Summer in Chiba: 2019/7/27 & 2019/8_24
    • Tonegawa Fireworks in Ibaraki: 2019/7/13
    • Maebashi Fireworks in Maebashi, Gunma: 2019/8/10
    • Ashikaga Fireworks in Ashikaga, Tochigi: 2019/8/3
    • Kounosu Fireworks in Konosu, Saitama: 2019/10/12

Osaka/Kyoto/Kansai area

  • Osaka
    • Tenjin Festival Fireworks: 2019/7/25
    • Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks: 2019/8/10
  • Kyoto
    • Kameoka Hotsugawa Fireworks: 2019/8/11
  • Other areas
    • Biwa Lake Fireworks in Otsu, Shiga: 2019/8/8

Nagoya/Chubu area

  • Nagoya
  • Other area
    • Isejingu Fireworks in Ise, Mie: 2019/7/13

Fukuoka/Kyuchu area

  • Fukuoka
    • Kanmon Straits Fireworks in Kita-kyushu: 2019/8/13
    • Chikugo River Firewroks in Kurume: 2019/8/5
  • Other area
    • Kyushu Fireworks in Karatsu, Saga: 2019/7/14
    • Huis Ten Bosch Kyushuichi Fireworks: 2019/9/22

Sapporo/Hakodate/Hokaido area

  • Sapporo
    • Doshin UHB Fireworks: 2019/7/26
  • Hakodate
    • Hakodate Port Fireworks: 2019/7/14
  • Other area
    • Doya Lake Long-run Fireworks: 2019/4/28 ~ 2019/10/31
    • Fireworks in KAGURA 31 in Asashikawa: 2019/8/14


Sumida River Fireworks

One of the most popular and famous fireworks display is the fireworks display of the Sumida River held in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo.

The fireworks display is so famous that TV broadcasts take place, and many tourists from overseas come to visit.

Last year, 950,000 people enjoyed this fireworks.

This year, Sumida River Fireworks will be held at 19:00 on July 27th (Sat.).

If you are planning to visit Tokyo at this time, please come and see for yourself.

For detail information, please check the official website:


How to enjoy fireworks: Dress up in Yukata

It is popular for Japanese to wear Yukata to enjoy fireworks. This is the time Japanese wear Yukata most throughout year.

You will see many Japanese people visiting in a yukata at fireworks displays.

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How to enjoy Fireworks: Dress up in Koikuchi shirt

If you want to dress down little bit from Yukata style, why don't you wear Koikuchi shirt.

Koikuchi shirt is often worn for festivals in Japan. It is a shirt with Japanese design. Koikuchi shirt is also good to wear for enjoying fireworks.

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Koikuchi style 

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