Enjoy the Koikuchi Shirt all the Year Round!

Koichiku style

It is much easier to dress oneself with Yukata than Kimono. However, Yukata still takes a number of complex processes in the dressing process, including tying an obi; it squeezes your body tightly to restrict movement. For visitors who want to avoid that kind of trouble and try a typical Japanese fashion more easily, Koikuchi shirts are recommended.

Koikuchi shirts are hygroscopic and quick-drying garments made of cotton that were originally used as undershirts for festival costumes. When more new designs became available, people began to wear them, not as undershirts but as regular ones. Recently, Koikuchi shirts have come to represent typical Japanese-style clothes that can be worn casually, not only for everyday wear but also as uniforms in Japanese restaurants.

In winter, you can wear a jacket over a Koikuchi shirt which has three-quarter length sleeves and no collar. A glimpse of the shirt under a jacket would make you look stylish and would also certainly attract people’s attention when you take off the jacket at a restaurant.

Koikuchi shirts are perfect for souvenirs as they can be worn casually all through the year and  are available in various colors and designs. Bring them back for your family and friends and enjoy them together. How about holding a party with Japanese dishes?