Wear beautiful Koikuchi shirt to enjoy autumn leaves!

Kyoto autumn leaves

From October to November, many people in Japan and international tourists enjoy beautiful autumn leaves.

There are many places you can see beautiful autumn leaves in Japan.

Here are some popular places for autumn leaves by area:

Tokyo/Kanto area:

  • Mount Takao/Takao-san (Tokyo)
  • Hakone (Kanagawa prefecture)
  • Nagatoro (Saitama prefecture)

Nagoya/Tokai area:

  • Korankei (Aichi prefecture)
  • Norikura Skyline (Gifu prefecture)
  • Ise Grand Shrine/Ise jingu (Mie prefecture)

Osaka/Kyoto/Kansai area:

  • Arashiyama (Kyoto prefecture)
  • Minoo-taki (Osaka)
  • Mount Yoshino/Yoshino-yama (Nara prefecture)


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