NIKUJUBAN, A Fashionable Garment especially for Women

 Nijukuban, recommended item for women

Nikujuban is an underwear garment which may be worn next to the skin. Kabuki actors use it when they play a person with tattoos. YUKATA-JAPAN developed Nikujuban, not of course for people on the stage, but for everyday wear like a t-shirt with three-quarter length sleeves.

Tattoo patterns that characterize Nikujuban would look cool, especially under another outer shirt. You can enjoy matching Nikujuban with a Koikuchi shirt, as recommended by YUKATA-JAPAN, or with any outer garment that you have.

When you purchase NIKUJUBAN on this website, please choose the size of the item carefully. Our items are produced in relatively small sizes, although they have some elasticity. Our M and L sizes may be equivalent to regular S and M sizes, respectively. In other words, you can choose either small or medium size when you decide to buy the item.

NIKUJUBAN is highly recommended for women and children as it is made in a relatively small size.

You can use it as a stylish t-shirt with tattoo designs or give it to your female friends or children as a souvenir.

If you are cautious about the size when purchasing this item, you will enjoy NIKUJUBAN, which is difficult to find even in Japan.