YUKATA-JAPAN launched!

Yukata Japan Open

YUKATA-JAPAN was born from the wish that “We want you to fully enjoy Japan with your body and mind” for those who come to Japan. We would like you to make the best memories by experiencing Japanese culture and traditions, such as visiting shrines and temples, participating festivals, bon-odori, and fireworks festivals, not as just a tourist, but as a real participant.

Kimono is the most famous Japanese traditional clothes. However, it is very complex to wear Kimono so that only well-trained Japanese can wear Kimono correctly. Therefore, we would like you to enjoy “Yukata style” and “Koikuchi style” which are simplified Japanese traditional clothes. These styles are easy for non-Japanese people to wear.

At YUKATA-JAPAN, people who come to Japan can purchase simplified Japanese traditional clothes. YUKATA-JAPAN delivers your order to your hotel in Japan. Therefore, you can enjoy your stay in Japan with Japanese style, Yukata style and/or Koikuchi style, as soon as you check-in at your hotel. And, of course, you can enjoy Japanese style after you go back to your country. We wish you bring your happy memories in Japan with Yukata and/or Koikuchi styles as a souvenir and you would love Japan for a long time.

We plan to add more items in the future. Please check our site for your next trip to Japan