Yukata: Simplified Japanese Garment/Kimono for Summer Time

 Yukata, simplified Japanese Kimono for summer time

It is said that Yukata originated as an unlined garment which the nobility wore after bathing. At the beginning of the Edo period, Yukata gained popularity when people began to wear a colorful Yukata for the Bon-odori (dance) which often took place in those days.

Yukata was widely accepted by the public as casual wear because of its comfort. As part of their facilities, hot-spring inns (ryokan) now provide their guests with Yukata to enable them to relax.   

The Japanese often wear Yukata for summer festivals, the Bon-odori and firework displays, although today they usually wear Western clothes. Recently, Yukata has particularly attracted the younger generation because it is easier to dress oneself with it than Kimono.

Yukata is a simplified Japanese dress style for the summer season when the maximum temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, usually from June to September in Japan. If you visit Japan during the summer season, we strongly recommend that you try the Yukata style.

Even if you do not wear Yukata during your stay in Japan, it would still be a special souvenir that you would like during all seasons as a specific Japanese product. YUKATA-JAPAN guarantees that genuine items, at a reasonable price, are available to customers in cooperation with a Japanese garment manufacturer with 70 years of experience.