Pokémon character capsule toys are available!

Japanese capsule toys are popular for people all over the world.

You can see capsule toy machines at shopping malls, small shops, souvenir shops, large supermarkets, etc.. And, nowadays, you can see many capsule toy machines at airports in Japan as many international visitors enjoy getting high-quality Japanese capsule toys.

Pokemon character capsule toy

Since capsule toys are known by many people, some capsule toys are very popular so that they will be sold out very quickly.

One of the popular capsule toys is a Japanese cartoon (Anime) characters.

Here, we are happy to announce that now Pokémon character capsule toys are available at YUKATA-JAPAN.

There are 3 series of Pokémon character capsule toys including Halloween capsule toys.

We made 3 packages combining these 3 series.

If you want to get all of them, please choose Complete Package which you can get all characters of all 3 series, in total 21 characters!


We have limited stocks of capsule toys this time so don't miss it.