Yukata Japan Logo

YUKATA-JAPAN was created with the wish that "We would like visitors to Japan to fully enjoy Japan with your body and mind."

When visitors enjoy Japanese experience visiting famous tourist spots such as shrines and temples, festivals, bon-odori (Japanese traditional summer dance), fireworks festival etc., we hope that you can blend in as a part of the scenes so that you can make the best memories.

For that reason, we suggest a Japanese dress of "Yukata style" and "Koikuchi style" which you can easily dress up.

Many "cheap products=rough making products" are also on the market, but we cooperate with a Japanese product manufacturing company with 70 years in business and offer "authentic items" "with a reasonable price." So you can trust our products.

In addition, it is one of the features of our service which "you can arrive in Japan and use our service right after checking into a hotel," so you can make an effective use of your precious time during your stay in Japan.

Before coming to Japan, you can enjoy thinking about "what to wear in Japan."

Then when you are in Japan, you can dress yourself with "Yukata style" or "Koikuchi style," enjoying Japan fully with your body and mind.


Then you can bring back the items you bought and tell your friends and families about your precious memories. We sincerely hope that YUKATA-JAPAN will keep your smile even after your travel.