Nikujuban Acala


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Size (The same size for Men and Women)
The size is smaller than regular sizes of clothes.
For detail, please check Size chart.

  • M (Tight fit): For about 150 - 160 cm tall (up to 170 cm for slender)
  • L (Tight fit): For about 160 - 170 cm tall (up to 180 cm for slender)

Item description


Nikujuban refers to underwear that can be worn in close contact with the body, and on the stage such as Kabuki (Japanese traditional theater), when playing a role with a tattoo on the body, actors may wear such a shirt on the skin.
The Nikujuban which YUKATA-JAPAN offers, of course, is not developed for the stage, it was developed as a casual wear. You can wear it as a T-shirt with three-quarter sleeves. Since it is an item of a tattoo motif, it is also stylish (fashionable) to wear another shirt on top of it to dress in layers.

Nikujuban Acala

It is a tattoo motif of "Fudomyou" (Acala).

  • Cotton 100%

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