Koikuchi shirt! You can wear it all season!

Koikuchi shirt in Shinjuku

Since yukata is a simplified kimono to be worn in hot weather, in Japan it is common to wear in June - September when the maximum temperature exceeds 25 degrees.
For those who come to sightseeing in Japan from autumn to spring, regrettably it may be difficult to enjoy Japan with a yukata appearance.
※ It is OK to wear Yukata from April to November in Okinawa where temperature is relatively high.

However, please do not give up on enjoying Japan trip with kimono. In YUKATA-JAPAN, we strongly recommend to wear KOIKUCHI SHIRT in cold weather.

KOIKUCHI SHIRT is not a popular item in Japan nowadays. In the period of festivals, people joining to festivals often wear KOIKUCHI SHIRT. Also, Japanese pub, called Izakaya, often use KOIKUCHI SHIRT as uniform for staff. So to speak, KOIKUCHI SHIRT is "special Japanese item".

Therefore, KOIKUCHI SHIRT has a strong impression of "Japanese" for Japanese as well, so if foreigners wear it, it will make people around the world feel "COOL JAPAN!" even more.

There are also many KOIKUCHI SHIRT of Japanese "pattern" with a strong impact, so you can improve the balance of the whole body coordination by overlapping.
As well as having good compatibility with denim, wearing under a plain cardigan or down jacket, you can make a "pattern" that looks glittering an accent of coordination.

Koikuchi shirt coordination

You can also make a hard "Japanese style x biker" style by dressing "Dragon pattern" KOIKUCHI SHIRT under the leather jacket such as a riders jacket.

As well as being worn while traveling in Japan, it is an item that is also pleased as "a souvenir that seems to be in Japan" so please try KOIKUCHI SHIRT style by all means regardless of location or time.