Why can you sell products at reasonable price?

Are products on this site real?


Can I wear Yukata without Obi?

Koikuchi shirt

Do I need Obi for Koikuchi?

Order & Payment


Do I have to register your site in order to purchase?

Can I cancel my order?


What payment options are available?

Which currency do you charge?


International Shipping

Do you ship overseas (outside of Japan) ?

How much is for international shipping?

How long does it take to deliver by Express Mail Service or Airmail?

Delivery to Hotel in Japan

There is no form to enter my hotel address. How does it work?

How can I pick-up my order at hotel?

How much is the shipping fee?

Can you ship my order to my country?

Can you deliver my order to Airbnb?

What if my order was lost during delivery?


Security of payment

Is it safe to pay by credit card at your site? Do you hold our card information?