Yukata Style Yaezakura (Women)


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Yukata style

The following items are included:
  • Yukata Yaezakura 
  • Musubi Obi Red (Belt)
  • Setta Red (Sandals) 


  • One size (Women)
    • For about 150-180 cm tall (4 ft 11 in ~ 5 ft 11 in tall)
      ※ Yukata for women is worn with the middle part folded, so the adjustment range for width of the length is large.
    • For waist size, up to 105 cm is OK.
      ※ If the waist size is more than 105cm, you cannot tighten the band (obi).
    • Chest size is up to about 120 cm
Musubi Obi
  • One size: Waist size is up to 105 cm
  • One size23.5 cm x 8.5 cm
    There is no problem with Setta if the heels slightly stick out.


  • Yukata: Cotton 100%
  • Musubi Obi: Polyester
  • Setta: Wood (surface), Reinforced rubber (Sole)

Item description

This is all you need to dress up Yukata style.

An elegant yukata with pink, white and purple cherry blossoms blooming on black.

Dark red musubi obi and setta string make you a chic adult.

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