Yukata Style Tarezakura (Women)


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Yukata style

The following items are included:
  • Yukata Tarezakura
  • Musubi Obi Light Purple (Belt)
  • Setta Purple (Sandals) 


  • One size (Women)
    • For about 150-180 cm tall (4 ft 11 in ~ 5 ft 11 in tall)
      ※ Yukata for women is worn with the middle part folded, so the adjustment range for width of the length is large.
    • For waist size, up to 105 cm is OK.
      ※ If the waist size is more than 105cm, you cannot tighten the band (obi).
    • Chest size is up to about 120 cm
Musubi Obi
  • One size: Waist size is up to 105 cm
  • One size23.5 cm x 8.5 cm
    There is no problem with Setta if the heels slightly stick out.


  • Yukata: Cotton 100%
  • Musubi Obi: Polyester
  • Setta: Wood (surface), Reinforced rubber (Sole)

Item description

This is all you need to dress up Yukata style. 

A yukata designed by the cherry blossoms that bloom from branches.

You can produce a cute femininity by coordinating the purple obi and setta string.

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