Ukiyoe woodblock print Cobra Red 『宇宙海賊 孤舞邏』


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Product description

Ukiyoe woodblock as a collaboration under the supervision of Mr. Buichi Terasawa.

The insistence is not to simply draw the motif of Cobra in a Ukiyoe style, but the approach is to restructure the figure of the character as "Ukiyoe edition Cobra" in the traditional way of expressing the Ukiyoe.

The design is inspired by Cobra's commemorative fist episode "Resurrection." Cobra with lavish appearance casually wear the raincoat which he wore when he recovered his instincts and memories of being a space pirate.
The crescent moon behind Cobra has the motif of "Golden Claw", the right arm of Crystal Bowie, the enemy who will meet from now on.
This big picture is the moment when Cobra is revived and try to travel to the space again to face destiny with his companion Lady Armaroid. 



  • Ukiyoe artist: Masumi Ishikawa
  • Ukiyoe carver: Senrei Sekioka
  • Ukiyoe printer: Takuya Okada


  • Length 39~41 cm x Width: 27.5 cm


  • Japanese paper, Echizenkizukibousho, by Ichibei Iwano, 9 generation (A living national treasure)

Other feature

  • Serial number
  • Specially made trap paper (Wrapping paper to hold ukiyoe)
  • Frame not included


This product is all done by craftsmen from woodblock production to printing. Therefore, there is a slight difference in the finish of each sheet.
Please purchase only those who can enjoy them as a taste of Ukiyoe woodcut.
Due to the nature of the product, we can not accept returns and exchanges.

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