Kutani-yaki sake cup Lady


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Product description

Kutani-yaki sake cup with a navy color base which is the image color of Lady, a partner of Cobra.

The picture is painted with a glassy Japanese paint called "Kutani Gosai." The texture and beauty is unique to Kutani-yaki. You can feel a special present at the moment you hold it.

Armaroid Lady against the pine in a moonlit night expresses "loneliness" and "power". On the other hand, Emeraruda's appearance in the early days expresses "Ephemeral" and "Hope" trapped in the shell in a modern Japanese design.

If you are a fan of Cobra's story, you understand the design intent.



    • 5.5cm (diameter)  x 5.4cmMaterial
    • Porcelain


    • Saucer sold separately



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