Kutani-yaki platter Tattooed Woman


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Product description

Kutani-yaki platter with the motif of " a tattooed woman" who is symbol of the Royal three sisters who can to be removed when speaking Cobra.
Instead of the main character, Cobra, the motif of the character surrounding him expresses the unique sense of beauty and attractive worldview by Mr. Buichi Terasawa.

The bold composition of the female character is one of the attractive features of Cobra. The design was made into a reddish gold-plated style that incorporates black gosu which is rarely seen in Kutani-yaki.

The painting skill for this item is an important craftsmanship to be respected in the modern mass production era.



    • 29cm (diameter) x 2.5cm


    • Porcelain

    Other feature

    • Wooden box
    • Plate stand (*different from the one in photos)


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